Are you sitting down? Yes? Okay, great. I have never played a Pokemon game. Ever. I grew up when Pokemon began getting very popular, but never really understood the hype and thought that it was pretty childish and for some reason, my attitude was pretty stuck up when it came to Pokemon. It just looked and sounded dumb to me, but I never actually picked up a Pokemon game. I knew who the infamous Pikachu was and considered him cute, though overrated and the other characters such as Squirtle and Charizard looked really cheesy to me. What was going through my head? I have no idea.

About two weeks ago I picked up Pokemon X, deleted J's file (sorry J) and started playing with an open mind. What happened was inhabited happiness and lots of squealing. I was immediately addicted to catching new Pokemon and seeing what I could find next. I was pleased with how easy it was to get into the game and that there weren't long cutscenes of story to get through. It's very much a pick-it-up whenever you want type of game and I enjoy that I can easily put it down or pick it up.

So, my first impression is that I wish I had given Pokemon games a chance sooner and I apologize to all the kids I insulted when I said their favorite characters were weird.