Another Blog Intro

Hi everyone, we're J and Panders. For the sake of continued internet anonymity and clever nomenclature, we will hereto refer to ourselves as JPanders. This is a place for us to expel our thoughts into the vast void and if there happens to be a reader, we welcome that reader to join in on our shenanigans. Of course we are aware that it's silly to say "hi, everyone" when there is nobody here and we don't intend to share this blog with anyone, as our focus is to have a place to store our thoughts and opinions for ourselves. While this first post is being written as a joint effort, we will be posting separately. Now onto real introductions!

Panders is the lady half of the team. She enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and -- oh, this is the wrong introduction. She is a papyrophile and as such enjoys books and smelling them. That's not weird. She is easily attracted to anything cute which sometimes distracts her and she spends hours on cat videos. Her challenge in this blog is to stay true to her non-conventional opinions.

J is the less creative male counterpart to Panders and often the sole reason the world hasn't succumb to a massive attack of cute from her. That being said, he is currently an IT  professional, life long video game aficionado, and cheeseburger junkie(seriously, somebody help him.) His challenge with this blog is to remember to write in this blog and not just drive Panders crazy with his "clever" anecdotes.


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