Interstellar and Feeling Small

(Yes, I am using a screenshot from Final Fantasy 14 as a picture on my Interstellar post)

Interstellar is a movie that I am happy I didn't know much about going into it. I knew vaguely of Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey, but otherwise knew no plot or theme other than space. It is many things, it's dramatic, heartbreaking, thrilling, and beautiful. The story was compelling and instead of making me root for one character or another, it pushed me to root for mankind. We are always flooded with such negativity and terror in the news, a sign of our own self-destruction, and Interstellar, if only but for a little while, made me feel hopeful for what should be our common goal; survival.

This movie was exactly what I needed this time of the year, when everyone is celebrating with food and gifts, and pulling out credit cards that they can't afford. It's the time of the year when I wish I could give beyond my means and I am forced to come up with creative ideas to help spread the holiday cheer as far as I can. In the grand scheme of life and our time here on this little blue planet, there are few things that matter as much as much as we put emphasis on. It is also easier said than done, so I challenge myself and those around me to think about what truly matters in our lives. I challenge myself even more to remember this throughout my life; we are so small and so insignificant. 

This feeling of smallness is overwhelming, powerful, thought provoking, and terrifying. It is also sometimes a relief in a world filled with problems, a reminder that what pain we may be experiencing is fleeting and that our problems are smaller than they seem in the moment.

I definitely recommend Interstellar, though I promise that you don't have to get as emotional or deep into your head as I did if you don't want to, you can merely enjoy it as a space flick. A damn good one at that.

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