HateBooking and my love for Binding.

Captain J Log Stardate 12.7.2014 (dont judge me). Currently I am sitting in my comfy office cube reading news articles, listening to music on Youtube, and the occasional peek at Facebook to chat with Panders.
Lets get this out of the way. I hate 
Facebook and I hate that I check it on an almost daily basis. I hate it for the same reasons that every other internet entity hates it. The stupid timeline posts, the selfies, the ridiculous self righteous political posts created by people who have done 0% real research and are CRTL+C'ing the latest cable news talking point; you know the usual stuff. However my true gripe with Facebook is my partially forced interaction with people with whom I would prefer to never even see their silhouette ever again.

Now the easy answer to my frustration is to 
unfriend the people who are giving me such annoyances, or simply quit Facebook all together. Now I used the latter tact several years ago, and was spared these annoyances, with the exception of Panders showing me something crazy on her timeline every now and again. After a few years of Facebook-less bliss, at the behest of the lovely Panders, I joined Facebook again so that she could share more things with me and I could connect with the few individuals on my friend list I truly cared about. Seemingly like clockwork, I started receiving invites from distant relatives from both mine and Panders side. Some of these people are just kind of annoying but a few of them are people that have the kind of hateful views that makes me, or anyone with common decency for that matter, want to vomit. In traditional social settings one would simply avoid these people and be spared of their hate spewing, but Facebook adds an easier level of visibility to fringe corners of your social network, that would normally go unnoticed. Now its not so easy to avoid and regulate interaction with Cousin A or Aunt B to rare family get-togethers. Anyways, moving on...

Last night Panders and I were playing the PS4 version of  The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and I have just got to share how great of a job Nicalis did in developing this game with Edmund McMilon. We have been playing since the Steam release of the first Binding game and its still just as fun. One of my runs last night had me owning things with Azazel and getting so lucky with my item drops  that it elicited strong stink eyes from Panders throughout the rest of the evening. This stands to reason as she is usually not so fortunate in her runs. (Seriously, shes cursed.) Anyways, we will see how it goes tonight. J out.


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