Super Cube Fighter: IT Remix/ Championship Edition

Captain J Log Stardate 12.14.2014
Another Sunday, another lonely day in my cube. I am busier than usual due to Microsoft’s update earlier this week. However, that has not stopped me from continuing my habitual procrastination by perusing of the internet.  Whilst perusing I ran into the results of last night’s Capcom Cup as well as the first video of live Street Fighter V play. Surprisingly, I found myself getting excited by the whole thing. I say surprisingly, because I made a conscious decision to walk away from the street fighter community partly because of the ridiculousness of some of the people in it, but mostly because I didn’t have the time to practice, and didn’t have anyone local I could really play with the I like. That being said, these videos as well as a couple other things from earlier in the week (Guilty Gear Xrd demo, SkullGirls..) have reminded me that while I am definitely way past my glory days in street fighter, or any other fighting game for that matter; fighting games in general are always going to be one of my go to pleasure points.

Speaking of pleasure points, yesterday Panders and I were doing our normal Saturday morning routine which consists of us hanging out (**translation = lying down and eating) in the living room. At some point, I decided to turn on the PS4 and go through the PS Now catalogue for some entertainment. Earlier in the week I had gone through the catalogue and rented SkullGirls Encore during a spout of boredom this is completely out of the norm for me, as I have purposefully avoided the PS Now catalogue until they implement some sort of monthly or yearly subscription pricing model. For the uninitiated PS Now is a service offered by Sony, powered by Gaikai, allows you to rent and stream PSX through PS3 generation games. Anyways, I am quietly going through this catalogue while Panders is doing her social media rounds, and I come across NiGHTS Into Dreams for $1.99 for 4 hours. Seeing that neither Panders nor I were going to be moving any time soon; I buckle and start playing.
 Now growing up I have always been a Sega kid. I started off playing NES with my dad earlier on but when I first played my neighbor Martin’s Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog it was over. That being said, I was never able to get a Sega Saturn until very recently, so my only experience with Nights is having a brief time with it at my cousins house. As brief as that experience was; the experience and the feeling felt throughout has always stuck with me.  The bright colors, the cheery music and atmosphere, the feeling of just having fun is something that few games get right. I started playing and I immediately was taken out of boredom and started smiling. So much so that Panders pointed it out. Now the hunt is on to see if I can get a reasonably priced copy for my Saturn. J out.


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